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inches curtains

The Project.


Inches Curtains


Web Design / Digital Marketing



Launch an eCommerce channel for a respected high street interiors business. Integrate the website with existing accounting systems and introducing improvements to stock management within their retail store to enable a true multi-channel approach.

eCommerce website to support retail store 

Custom form pages to drive enquiries 

Drive traffic through social, email and PPC

The Brief.

We first had discussions with the Inches Curtains to create an online presence to support their high street shop and bolster their overall route to market. We were able to understand their business vision and current challenges, which as well as the pandemic, lockdown and all the implications of this, also involved a move to a new location and a desire to improve the stock management as it was to be shared across multiple channels. 

After a period of planning, and focusing our thoughts around the Shopify platform we also started to consider their in store experience. Click and collect would be an important service, as would ensuring stock was synchronised between on and offline. Therefore we proposed Shopify POS and a connection to the Quick Books accounting software, that way we could offer a quicker and more efficient shopping experience across channels, and a simple connection into the the accounts software, that also helped manage the purchasing cycle.

The website launched, but due to the volume of SKUs, not with the full product range. Also, a key part of the website is to drive enquiries for the custom made curtains and blinds, most of which are manufactured in house by the team and enables a very personal measuring, fitting and design service. Some additional styles are handled by a 3rd party, so we also needed to provide links out to them.

After the website launched, we then switched into our marketing mode, developing and implementing a strategy across channels. Immediately, this was to grow awareness of the eCommerce website and the ability for customers to now order online for delivery or collection, as well as growing social following and email subscribers. Subsequently with a further lockdown this then switched more into conversion, trying to drive the orders we can with limited budget before we can then start to dial things up as lockdown measures eased. 

As with all of our clients, we work very collaboratively with the team at Inches supporting any changes to the website, advising on broader business issues and questions as required, and driving traffic and engagement to their customer through digital channels, looking forward to when the new store is able to open and we can really drive things forward. 


  • Build a new website on Shopify to enable a multi-channel approach.
  • Drive online orders of a a limited range of products.
  • Drive online enquiries for custom bespoke ranges.
  • Email capture for future newsletter marketing.
  • Create custom landing content with custom forms.
  • Integrate with email and other marketing platforms.
  • Integrate with Quick Books.
  • Implement social strategy on several platforms.
  • Research and define content to support organic SEO.
  • Test and develop Google shopping channel.
  • Ongoing technical and website admin support.

How We Did It.



Website built on the Shopify platform with integration to Mailchimp, Google & Facebook Shops as well as Quick Books. Creating a tailored website to showcase products and drive enquiries.

Google PPC

Integration with Google Shopping to drive traffic and orders

Email Marketing

Integration into Mailchimp with creation of branded template.


Creative social media campaigns to drive awareness and engagement.

Technical Support

On going technical support and consultancy.

- pending-
Karen Smithson