First Few Months @ PJM:Digital

About Me

Heyo all! I’m Mark and I’m the new addition to the pjm:digital Team. I thought I’d do some blog posts to document my progress here at pjm:digital and to tell you a bit about myself.

I’m a big nerd, from playing pokemon card games to dnd and even making my own games in the past. I love everything that requires creativity. Being 22 I was lucky enough to grow up with platforms like youtube and twitch from a young age. Having access to a variety of media since I was a kid really shaped me into the person I am today. 

I’d describe myself as a creative person, ever since I was young i’ve loved to create content like most people my age even starting a youtube channel as a kid. Growing up with a drive to create this led me down the path of studying creative media in college after finding my passion for video editing and content creation. There I worked on my skills in and out of studying, leading me to creating my own content online. In my spare time I stream on twitch where I have a small following and a great community. I also edit content for clients. The freedom and enjoyment I found creating my own content and aiding others in their pursuit of content creation made me realise this is what I want to do in life. Then it led me to look into the field of marketing as it had many intersections with my own personal interests and my professional ones.

First Month At pjm:digital

My first few months at pjm:digital has been fantastic, filled with continuous learning and the discovery of new skills and techniques in the dynamic field of digital marketing. From working with google analytics creating monthly briefs for our side project Sound Shirts, helping with clients content strategies and producing email campaigns. Working at pjm:digital has been an amazing experience, allowing me the freedom to constantly learn and help with clients, particularly with Sound Shirts, where I create various media and contribute to product development, email campaigns, and blog posts.

I am particularly drawn to the analytics aspect of my role, leveraging my analytical skills to research and analyse data—a task I love to do. Meeting clients within the first few days, despite its initial daunting nature, was an enriching experience. It provided me with valuable insights into their brands and histories, I feel fortunate to collaborate with such dedicated and wonderful people.

One aspect I love about pjm:digital is the diversity of our clients, providing a varied and interesting work environment each day. The continuous freshness and variety in tasks contribute to an ongoing learning experience, making every day both engaging and educational.

The Journey Ahead

When delving into the vast world of marketing, I’ve realised there’s already so much to absorb, especially coming in with a relatively basic understanding. However, I’m eager to refine my existing skills and am open to acquiring new ones as I progress. My main focus lies in the media side of marketing, where creating content—be it videos, graphics, or other forms—is truly one of my favourite activities. Additionally, I aspire to delve deeper into eCommerce and explore other platforms. So far learning how Shopify works has been one of my other favourite tasks, as having access to Sound Shirts gives me another way to tinker with its many aspects and tools, to then better my understanding for when i work on clients Shopify pages. Recognising the extensive knowledge I have yet to gain in these areas, I am excited and motivated to embrace the learning journey ahead.


Surprisingly, it feels like I’ve only been a part of pjm:digital for a week or two. Most shifts end with either me or Phil looking at the time, both of us baffled by how quickly it has flown by. Perhaps the saying holds true—time does fly when you’re having fun. In conclusion, I can’t help but express my genuine excitement for the next year and a half at PJM:Digital, anticipating the continued growth and valuable experiences with both the team and our clients. 

Thank you for reading, please connect with me on linkedin!