Web Design

eCommerce Platforms We Love.

We love web design and know the importance of a beautiful and brilliant website. It’s your shop window and it needs to appeal to your customers, both present and future and to showcase your products or services. Your website also needs to be consistent with your overall business and brand and complement your other marketing channels and customer touch points.

So whilst we can simply build you a website, it’s really important for us to go further. Whether you’re a large, established company looking to replatform your current site, or you want a website for a small business and you’re just starting up, it’s important we listen and learn from you. This allows us to get a full and complete understanding of your challenges, successes and future objectives so we can consider these within the website requirements. With our specialist eCommerce consultancy our team will help you define these requirements so we can deliver a solution that’s best for you and your customers, both now and in the future. 

When it comes to website platforms, we have worked on many. However, we are a Shopify Partner, use WordPress all the time and we love Magento. Each has their own balance of features, ease of use and complexity (and cost) so here is an overview of the platforms we prefer to use.



We are proud to be a Shopify Partner and choose this platform as it’s one of the quickest routes to a fully operational eCommerce store. It also offers one of the most easy to use content management systems enabling business owners to take control of their online operation with no previous experience. As well as providing all the key features your business needs to get up and running, there is also an extensive eco system of apps which can easily extended the capabilities so your website can develop and grow alongside your business.


WordPress is one of the most popular platforms in the world, powering around a third of websites from small blog sites to large e-Commerce businesses. It’s easy to see why WordPress is widely used as it's flexible, easy to use and it’s supported by a huge community of designers and developers with a large amount of themes and plugins for easy customisation at your fingertips.


Magento 2

Magento is a platform we know very well having used it extensively from a client side. It’s a platform that offers a fantastic feature set and flexibility, but needs experienced developers to get the most out of it. We choose to partner with leading agencies who are Magento certified developers. Our added value is to become more of an extension of your team in the website requirement briefs, agency tender and selection process and when it comes to user acceptance testing with regular touch points along the course of the project.

Woo Commerce

Woo Commerce

Woo commerce works hand in hand with WordPress. It enables WordPress to function as a full e-Commerce store. WooCommerce has been installed on millions of websites. It allows you control over products, inventory, shipping, customers, orders and much more. It is also possible to extend its functionality further through the plugins available within the WordPress universe.

Other Platforms.

When it comes to our e-commerce management and consultancy  we have platforms we prefer to work with, but in no way does that limit us to using others! In the past we have also worked with Squarespace, Wix, Prestashop and Joomla. We are flexible when it comes to website building and can work with just about any platform. We work with our clients needs and what will work best for them, we take into consideration ease of use, cost effectiveness and how easy the site will be to manage from the clients perspective.