Taking Your Small Business Online

We can all agree that this pandemic has affected small businesses across the United Kingdom. Some small businesses have thrived under the new online environments. While others have suffered with their industry being particularly affected by multiple lockdowns and restrictions.  

We have seen these effects first hand. We have navigated the rising demand in small businesses moving online due to the high street closing temporarily and have helped new clients start their online presence. 

If like others during this time, you’re looking to modernise and add digital elements to your business; as an entrepreneur you may not have the time to focus on this whilst also managing all the other elements of your startup. As a small business ourselves, we understand this and guide you through the process allowing for a 100% bespoke service. We’ve also worked as the client for much bigger businesses over the years. Therefore, we know what it takes to not only get up and running, but also manage your online operation alongside your existing channels. We can help smooth this out, look at your overall processes if required and ensure that everything works well together.

Finding a small agency can be a challenge when first searching for an experienced team amongst the large options available; it’s hard to find the smaller companies among the larger well known agencies. Smaller local agencies can often have knowledge of your local area and offer important face to face appointments when you need them. Make sure to keep a lookout for your smaller local agencies when you’re searching; you’ll find that these agencies can offer a more personalised strategic social plan based on their local knowledge and expertise. 

eCommerce & Business Consultancy

Chat with us and get to know us as a digital marketing agency, to make sure our strengths meet your requirements. If the fit isn’t right for you that’s ok. The most important thing is that your online needs are met and you are comfortable with the agency you choose. We recommend looking around and picking between 3-5 agencies that suit your needs with marketing and development in order for you to narrow your search and choose the best fit for your business. 

We’ve sat down as an independent eCommerce consultant with small business owners to really get to know their brand and their overall business before building a website. It’s really key that the website isn’t seen as a bolt on, but is instead central to everything that you do. Even if your customers won’t shop online with you, the majority will view your website so it’s the first “shop window” they may see. This is how we view it, a website is a shop. Your retail store that is now on a global high street, potentially accessible by everyone at anytime. It’s also a gateway into so many other sales channels, new and existing. 

Inches Curtains

A popular shop located within the heart of Cleckheaton, Inches Curtains provides handmade curtains and blinds whilst also stocking popular home furnishings, haberdashery, paint and wallpaper. In March of 2020 the Government announced its first nationwide lockdown and Inches Curtains stopped trading to the public. As a well known local store Inches Curtains turned to social media to reassure their followers that they could still keep updated with new stock and announcements.

We consulted with the wonderful owner and team to fully understand the business and their requirements. We discussed all the different resources and options that the owner had. As well as offering advice on how to integrate the site with other tools used throughout the business including retail POS, accounting software and 3rd party suppliers.

After consulting, we agreed that creating a Shopify website would be the most appropriate eCommerce platform option for the business. As we are Shopify Partners we knew that with its ease of use, straightforward content management system and future flexibility, Shopify was the right choice. We quickly got to work building a website which was easy to navigate, with clear branding that audiences could easily recognise. 

After some hard work, and a few cups of coffee the website was ready for it’s soft launch. We continue to support the business with digital marketing and as they add to the website ahead of moving their physical store to a new location. There are exciting times ahead, and it’s great to be a part of this. 

inches curtains
Greens Photo Centre

Greens Photo Centre

Greens Photo Centre have supplied cameras and accessories for over 40 years. With the edition of fine art printing within the past few years. Greens Photo Centre were aiming to modernise with their new and existing clients. With new generations taking an Interest in photography. Greens Photo Centre wanted to create an online presence, to make it easier for their audience to contact them regarding specialised equipment and services. 

Using social media and their new Shopify website Greens Photo Centre established an online brand. Promoting their unique services while maintaining their small business ambience. Through social media platforms they are easily and quickly able to communicate with their audience.

Greens Photo Centre and pjm:digital are collaboratively working together to build up an established brand online. Using social media, creative blogs and email marketing we effectively communicate events and launches to engage audiences organically.

Talk To Us About Your Next Website

Whether you already have a website and think it could be driving more, or don’t have one yet but think you probably should, let’s have a chat. Especially if your business has had to endure a stop start pattern over the past 12 months, now really is the time to get geared up for a big relaunch. We’re here to help and advise as well as design and build. We can also support you when it comes to operational factors around service and delivery, including click and collect and integrating your website into your existing accounts and point of sale systems. We would also advise you speak to your customers. The chances are they’re waiting to place their orders with you both online, in store and any other methods you can offer them. It’s your customers that are in control, so give them the choice the require.