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We have worked in eCommerce and online for over 20 years, since the early days. We’ve been the client for bigger businesses for many years, but we started in retail. Our foundation is still stood behind the shop counter, trading & retailing.

Nowadays, we build and support online retailers, some of these purely online but some are traditional high street shops from your local high street that saw the opportunity that an online store could bring. We’ve worked with them to review and streamline other aspects of their business along the way.

If you want to create an online store, we can work with you to achieve this quickly. We work on one of the industry leading platforms, Shopify to deliver a great looking, easy to use website that your customers will love. We believe you’ll love it too, as it also has a really straightforward admin area so that you can add products, process orders and look at reports to see how you’re doing, all with very little training. 

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Initially, we’d discuss your needs. Give us a call to arrange a time to talk through your business needs, your challenges and how you would like your shop presence to look online. We’d also like to talk about your customers, both existing and new. How will you attract them and what will their expectations be? We will help develop the customer journey through your current business channels as well as explore new ones if we think they’re relevant to your business. The service, delivery and full end-to-end journey are key elements when developing customer relationships, so we help you navigate these key areas. Collaboratively we can help each step of the way to creating your eCommerce website. 

From there, we’ll very quickly come back to you with our recommendations, a plan and a quote. There are various “flavours” of this, depending on how many products you have, what content requirements there may be and what additional features you may require. All our projects are done collaboratively and this makes them run very smoothly. We work with you as a team to get the job done and are able to flex around you and your other business priorities. It’s important to us that we build your success together.

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