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The Project.

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Create a website for a new interiors installation client to showcase their different services they provide, the variety of product options for kitchens and bathrooms and drive enquiries into the business. 

The Brief.

Inside Edge Interiors, a new business aiming to boost brand awareness in the fitted kitchens and bedrooms market, sought our assistance in creating a distinctive and user-friendly website. After presenting various platform options like Wix and WordPress, our research led us to recommend Squarespace as the optimal solution. The platform stood out for its user-friendly interface, ensuring easy content management crucial for a new business. Squarespace’s design flexibility allowed us to craft a visually appealing website aligned with Inside Edge Interiors’ brand identity. Additionally, the platform’s rich set of features, including user friendly website customisation, addressed the need to create something that could be easily managed by the client moving forward. Squarespace offered excellent value for money, delivering a cost-effective solution without compromising on functionality or design.

To help us on this project, we contacted our long time design partner Charles Buckley, who created the logo and branding to use on the website, social media and everything through to the company vans. From this point we could then start to bring our research and branding together to define the structure and content of the website. This was done initially as a set of wireframes and once signed off we were then able to build out the site on Squarespace.

Keeping tablets, mobile and desktop devices in mind when designing the website was key. With the help of Squarespace’s intuitive optimisation options this aided us to creating a responsive and functional website for multiple devices.

From concept to finalisation we kept in close contact with the client ensuring the content we were creating was able to satisfy their requirements. As well as this we also had input from suppliers who provided us with the imagery we would need to really showcase the quality of the kitchens and bedroom fittings. The feedback from the client has been excellent and already their customers are loving being able to use the website to inspire and inform. Ultimately it’s also driving leads and enquiries into the business which has already got off to a superb start.


  • Work with our design partner to create a logo that could be used on everything from the website, social media through to the company vans. 
  • Extend this out to create a set of top level brand guidelines.
  • Create a set of wireframes to map out the site structure and content. 
  • Research competitors and keywords to better inform the structure and content. 
  • Work with a robust theme that can easily customised and updated. 
  • Research audience personas.
  • Create engaging and informative copy.
  • Optimise the website for multiple devices.
  • Drive leads and enquiries into the business.

How We Did It.


Website built in squarespace with multiple pages for different product collections and product types.

Design & Branding

Work with our design partner to define the logo and branding.

Competitor & Keyword Research

Researching competitors and keywords to help define the site structure and content.


Designing the website wireframe to best visualise for the client.

Site Design

Utilising Squarespace's website builder tools to create all pages.

Client Feedback.

pjm:digital have been absolutely fantastic from the very first meeting. Delivering exactly what I was hope to achieve. Can’t recommend them enough. Brilliant service and an amazing website they have created for my business