The Project.

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Web Design



Award Nominated

Shortlisted in the "Best Website" category at the Northern Digital Awards 2022.

Launch a new “not-choc” brand to enable a direct-to-consumer sales channel, supporting the fast developing retail and wholesale channels. Including custom page layouts and integration to a 3rd party logistics provider.

The Brief.

We first had discussions with the Caroboo team in late summer 2019. It was a great meeting where they were able to share their business vision and also give us a sneaky taste of the prototype product. They had already begun conversations with a digital marketing agency, a fulfilment centre and were working with an illustrator to help them bring their brand to life. What they needed from us was a brilliant and beautiful website to both showcase their product, sell their product and support some of the other potential channels they were looking at. We were totally hooked by their passion, but they also appreciated the challenges of bringing a new product to market. This was a challenge that then was altered slightly as we went into 2020. Could we launch a new brand during a global pandemic? Yeah… why not.

Initially we needed to support them in getting their email and hosting set up correctly and then set to work. The first order of business was to work with the incredible designer and illustrator Jess Rose who was already on with bringing the brand to life, looking at the website, flyers, packaging and everything else. We decided to quickly set up a WordPress landing page to reinforce the social media channels and build the email database. Then we got to work setting up Shopify, using Jess’s design input to customise the template to our requirements. The site needed some custom pages designing, a custom trade enquiry form and needed to integrate into the 3rd party fulfilment centre, as well as the key marketing tools such as Mailchimp, Google and Facebook.

The lead up marketing was planned brilliantly by the Caroboo team and their marketing agency. With this, the website had established a keen following of eager customers by the point it went live. The site went live taking pre-orders initially and totally exceeded all expectations with 125 orders in the first 8 hours. After that initial surge the site has continued to drive direct orders as well as support the growth of the brand, now across over 500 independent stores across the UK. We were also shortlisted at The Northern Digital Awards 2022 in the “Best Website” category, which was a great accolade for the hard work everyone involved had put in during such a challenging couple of years.


  • Bring a new brand to life.
  • Build a new website on Shopify.
  • Initial email capture landing page, built on WordPress.
  • Work with designer and illustrator to ensure brand consistency.
  • Create custom landing pages and static content.
  • Integrate with email and other marketing platforms.
  • Integrate with 3rd party fulfilment centre for order processing and delivery.
  • Research and define content to support organic SEO.
  • Ongoing technical support.

How We Did It.



Website built on the Shopify platform with integration to fulfilment centre, Mailchimp, & Facebook Shops.


Pre-launch landing page built on WordPress for email capture.

Email Marketing

Integration into Mailchimp for both pre-launch WordPress page and live Shopify site.


Integration with the 3rd party fulfilment centre.

Page Builder

Use of page builder app to create custom content pages.

Client Feedback.

We found Phil a lot of fun to work with on our Caroboo project. Phil worked really hard to push us over the start line ready for our launch and was even on hand for the support that we needed in the immediate weeks afterwards. Highly recommended 🙂