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The Project.

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Consultancy / Digital Marketing



Managing the PPC account for an online jewellery retailer, focusing on profitability first and foremost before moving towards a further growth phase. Working alongside a trusted partner to build out the marketing strategy and develop growth across all channels. 

The Brief.

We were contacted by our friends at Jellywall – an agency very similar to ours, but one we’ve been wanting to collaborate with for a couple of years. Like us Jellywall are a Shopify specialist with a passion for fashion. In this instance however, they had a jewellery retail client that was looking for some support to improve profitability and then to work the through the strategy to move towards further growth.

Launched in 2022, Valentina-Rose is a jewellery brand based in Cheshire. The website itself had been set up during the lockdown period and had already experienced huge growth in traffic with a strong social media following. Our proposal was to run our standard audit of the website and work through the strategy to consolidate the current position, focusing on Google Ads to drive new customer acquisition. Jellywall would then take on board our feedback for website improvements whilst also driving more traffic and revenue through the email marketing channel that they manage.

It was an interesting pitch to go in with, categorically stating that we didn’t want to grow the top line revenue of the business yet… we wanted to just focus on profitability. However since we’ve started, collectively we’ve made some really impressive improvements to the website which has boosted conversion rates and average basket values. As a result, by working together we have also been able to grow top line revenue significantly whilst still having a huge positive impact on the bottom line. The client is absolutely thrilled with this result and it’s been an absolute delight working with her and Wes at Jellywall to achieve this. We’ve totally accelerated our plans to move into the growth phase – but now with a different set of numbers to base things on, it’s time to consider whether we can become a much more significant force within this sector. 


Our brief here was all about profitability ahead of growth. As such we focused on the following key objectives:

  • Improve the user experience of the website.
  • Address some key SEO issues.
  • Takeover the management of Google PPC.
  • Maximise the assets within the Performance Max campaigns to improve results.
  • Expand and refine the campaigns to deliver improved KPIs.
  • Improve ROAS with a direct line into profitability.
  • Provide detailed but easy to digest monthly reporting summary to the client and partner agency.
  • Work with the client and partner to optimise and join up the marketing channels.
  • Explore new opportunities, including new products, traffic acquisition, onsite conversion and business efficiencies.

How We Did It.

Strategy & Management

Working in collaboration with our client and lead partner agency to put together the overall strategy across the website and digital marketing channels. Then to take over the management of the ads account to drive continual improvement.

Website Audit

Reviewing the website from a technical, SEO and usability perspective to uncover any potential to improve conversion rate and revenue.


Working with our client and partner to define the strategy for the business and then implementing the short and mid-term actions to achieve this.

Google Ads

Managing & optimising the Google Ads campaigns to drive more traffic, revenue and profitability through PPC.


Working with our partner agency Jellywall to ensure consistency in our strategy and approach to drive business growth.

Client Feedback.

Phil was recommended to me and I’m so pleased I found him. He improved my google ad campaigns within the first week I now have more traffic and more sales. Phil is an expert at what he does and his work is of a very high standard. He gives regular updates on how things are going and advises on what is next to reach our goals. I find Phil to be professional, helpful, reliable and friendly and I can’t recommend him highly enough for his incredible service. Thank you Phil